What is Embodied Coaching?

You are not just thoughts on a stick! Your body is a key part of your experience, yet it is often left out in coaching and therapy. Our culture is very mental: we are very good at thinking about ourselves, our lives, and our world as concepts. We are not always so good at being aware of how we inhabit our body-mind and the world, in the present moment. This is a shame, because there is a lot of wisdom to be found there. Our bodies give us important information and we can also use our bodies to change the way we feel.

In coaching sessions, we spend time on exploring where you want to go and how to get there. I combine this with embodiment exercises to help you get in touch with the full range of your wisdom so that you can truly feel what you want and make the right choices. You will also get embodiment exercises to support your goals, for example, increasing relaxation, focus and/or resilience.

Embodiment: being aware of your body, experiencing the present moment with all of your senses.

Coaching: help a person go in the direction they want to go and change in the way they wish.

Coaching Themes

You are free to discuss any topic in our coaching sessions, but here are two areas that I’m specialized in.

Digital wellbeing

Do you feel distracted? Would you like more control over your digital habits? Together we can explore your use of digital technology and how you can create focus and creativity in your life.

Breath, Mindfulness and Spirituality

Are you curious about mindfulness, meditation or yoga? But you also don’t want too much woo woo. I can help you experience the benefits of such practices, in a practical and down to earth way. We integrate this into your coaching sessions, ensuring that it fits into your life and supports your goals.