Turn inward to move forward.

Regain focus, boost productivity, reduce stress

Work smarter, not harder

Do you feel distracted at work? Overwhelmed by a never-ending stream of emails and chat messages? Find yourself reaching for your phone if only by habit? At the end of the day, do you feel tired but not necessarily accomplished?

We live in a digital age where we are constantly put in the face of technology. Tech distractions are all around us. On top of that, some of the digital tools we use for work, we could definitely learn how to use better.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to be proactive and develop more time for meaningful, deep-focused work. With my help, you’ll not only lower your screen time but also boost your productivity, creativity, and focus.

Working smarter goes further than just managing tech distractions. At Waives, we look holistically at what is needed to work effectively and sustainably. I believe it is time to step out of autopilot and create consciously chosen work habits to ensure great work gets done. In this holistic approach we look at managing external factors but also turn inwards to learn more about our internal world and body signals. We are not living fully if we are not present in the moment, in both body and mind.

Iris van de Kieft
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Digital Wellbeing

Learn how to use technology to aid your work, not distract from it

The modern workplace is full of distractions, and multi-tasking and tech-overuse are slowly becoming the norm. Performing twelve tasks at once and overburdening your phone or laptop is not the solution to a better workday. In fact, working smarter involves consciously choosing what to focus on and when.

So, how do we train our minds to stay focused and creative? For creativity to blossom, we need an uncluttered mind that has room to create new associations, patterns, and ideas.

I can help you understand how digital distractions and tech overuse get in the way of doing your best work. Together, we will create an action plan for improving focus, creativity, and productivity. This will decrease feelings of workplace burn-out and keep you from being overwhelmed.

Let’s cultivate a stronger digital wellbeing today that will lead into tomorrow.

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Embodied Coaching

Learn how to create healthy, long-lasting habits for both body & mind

I believe in a personalized, proactive approach for TRULY creating new habits. As such, the style of coaching I use is called embodied coaching. What does that mean?

In my coaching, I bring embodiment practices to the table, such as mindfulness, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing. These practices are meant to bring conscious awareness to both the mind and body. They can very much support all other aspects of one’s daily life, including work.

The clearest path towards professional success is found through relaxation, balance, increasing resilience, learning about yourself, and growing as an individual.

Work with me and you’ll understand how to create structured, healthy habits that you can use both in the workplace and in your everyday life.

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Create the Perfect Work Setting for Focus & Productivity

Are You Ready to Upgrade the Way You Work?

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Iris van de Kieft is a great speaker. Her presentation about focus in work was really particular and helpful. It reminded me how easy it is to give in to distractions and motivated me to stay more focused for the most important things.


Non-profit org

Iris ran two workshops for Dott during our Wellbeing Week. Iris has great facilitation skills, she engaged with the team and inspired them with actionable insights. We were very happy with the sessions going above our expectations and would definitely work with Iris again in the future



My life is so busy and I used to find it difficult to distance myself from my chaotic ‘monkey mind,’ the sessions with Iris have helped me to take more accountability and responsibility for my choices and decisions and consider whether my decisions are actually in alignment with my purpose and goals. Her approach is kind and thoughtful and really opened me up to a more refined and responsible way of ‘being.’

Farzana (Coachee)

Iris has a very calming way of explaining how we are constantly distracted throughout our day. I think we all know it, but the distractions like to take the upper-hand. Iris’s presentation is a mirror that will help me create more room in making space for deep work.


Non-profit org

When I need to focus I pay more attention to my breath now and it helps. Also, if I feel in a hurry or stressed I sometimes think about my breath and then it helps.

Breath Break participant


I have better ability to focus at work, reduced physical symptoms of stress/anxiety and better ability to deal with tasks & workload.

Breath Break participant