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Finding Focus:

a training for teams

Work smarter, not harder


What if your team could feel less overwhelmed and more productive and resilient, by working smarter?

Team Work

Your team is ambitious, excited to be part of the company, yet at times team members may feel overwhelmed, burnt out or simply have the feeling there’s a smarter way to do things.

In this day and age it’s not easy to manage all the expectations, stress, external distractions and our busy internal minds. Especially with new hybrid forms of working, teams may struggle with collaboration, productivity, rest and work-life balance.

You know you need focused, productive, resilient team members to have a successful team. Yet this can be a challenge, due to several factors such as:

  • Your company does not have clear guidelines supporting focus work
  • Your company does not have clear guidelines on which digital tools are used and how
  • Team members find it difficult to really switch off after work
  • Your team members may not feel comfortable sharing their feelings of overwhelm, stress, distraction
  • Even if wellbeing activities are supported / encouraged, the people who need it most are not making use of them

Enable your team to achieve focus, resilience and ultimately: great work!

Are you ready to upgrade the way you work?

Introducing: The Finding Focus Training

If you’re looking to empower your team to do great work, I present to you:

Finding Focus
A Team Training

This is a training for teams that want to improve the way they work. This training is not about saying “just work harder”. No, we look at what is actually needed to work effectively and sustainably. It is about stepping out of autopilot and creating consciously chosen work habits to ensure great work gets done. This involves a wholistic approach in which we will look at managing external factors but also turn inwards to learn more about our internal world and body signals.

The training combines knowledge with practical experience and its goal is to go beyond merely an inspiring lecture and create true, lasting impact.

“Your focus determines your reality”

Why Focus?

Chances are, your team members are getting caught up in responding to non-urgent notifications, in multi-tasking etc. They are busy, maybe even feeling overwhelmed, yet might not be working on the most impactful things.

Learning to manage one’s focus is a crucial part of changing this pattern. The ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task allows you to develop your professional skills and produce better results in less time. Learning how to create the right habits to maintain focus (this includes appropriate rest!) results in getting more done with less stress.

In a broader sense, being focused is about being present in the moment. If we are aware of what we are focused on, if we are aware of body and breath also, then we are fully present with life.

What others say

  • Iris ran two workshops for Dott during our Wellbeing Week: Finding Focus in Digital Age and Breath Break. Iris has great facilitation skills, she engaged with the team and inspired them with actionable insights. We were very happy with the sessions going above our expectations and would definitely work with Iris again in the future. – Joanna from Dott

  • Iris van de Kieft is a great speaker. Her presentation about focus in work was really particular and helpful. It reminded me how easy it is to give in to distractions and motivated me to stay more focused for the most important things. – Bojidar

  • Iris has a very calming way of explaining how we are constantly distracted throughout our day. I think we all know it, but the distractions like to take the upper-hand. Iris’s presentation is a mirror that will help me create more room in making space for deep work. – Laura

  • My life is so busy and I used to find it difficult to distance myself from my chaotic ‘monkey mind,’ the sessions with Iris have helped me to take more accountability and responsibility for my choices and decisions and consider whether my decisions are actually in alignment with my purpose and goals. Her approach is kind and thoughtful and really opened me up to a more refined and responsible way of ‘being.’ – coachee Farzana

Training Structure

This training consists of 2 sessions of 2.5 hours. The sessions combine knowledge with practical tips and exercises.

For interested participants, there is an optional add-on of two 1:1 coaching sessions, for increased impact.

Session 1 covers topics such as focus, deep work, impact of multitasking, impact of rest and discusses ways to take back control of personal and team work habits.

Session 2 starts with a reflection on the actions from the previous session, to assess the impact and any possible adaptions. Then the session dives deeper into topics such as focus, creativity and the benefits of mindfulness practices.

At the end, the whole team will have:

  • A shared vocabulary for speaking about focus, deep work, distractions, stress and work habits
  • Tools to train focus, manage distractions and manage stress
  • A personal plan for healthier work habits
  • Team guidelines for working together and supporting each other’s deep work.

Interested? Contact me or schedule a free call with me below to learn more details.

Hi, I’m Iris

I have experienced the joys and stresses of working in high-paced tech startup environments. I have fallen into the trap of lots of “busy work” without much deep work and ended up feeling frustrated and unaccomplished.

In the past 6+ years I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience in topics such as focus, productivity, yoga, breathing, nervous system regulation, digital wellbeing and more. Combined with my background in computer science and neuropsychology, I have created a program that aims to provide meaningful results in a simple way, through both knowledge and experience.

More about me….

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Is the training online or offline?2022-06-17T14:33:31+02:00

Either format is possible and can be decided upon as we discuss your needs.

How big can the group of participants be?2022-06-17T14:34:16+02:00

There’s no black and white answer to this, but the maximum is approximately 12 participants.

What is the optional 1:1 coaching exactly?2022-06-17T14:37:14+02:00

Participants can opt for 1:1 coaching sessions, in which they can get extra support and personalized guidance.

This supports true change and impact, as creating new habits takes time and accountability over time increases the likelihood of success.

Sessions are 60 min each and can be done online or in person in the Amsterdam/Haarlem area.

Can the training be customized to my team’s specific needs?2022-06-22T11:24:16+02:00

Absolutely! I’m happy to discuss how we can adjust the training to ensure it makes maximum impact for your team.

I have a different question that’s not listed here2022-06-22T11:22:46+02:00

Is your question not mentioned here? Or do you have any doubts about investing in this training? Feel free to email me at

Interested in this training for your team?

I’d love to discuss your needs and aspirations. And a nice bonus: I’m currently offering this training with a discount.

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